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Sit Rep / Rant

Sit Rep.

It’s been a full 2 months of an official open business. We started of by pushing quality apparel for everyday users. Swiftly designed accessories such as bags, wallets, key rings all personalised all in the finest quality materials we can get our mitts on. I have spent a lot of time testing products changing things around working out what works and more importantly what doesn’t. I have worked and been supported by some other fabulous businesses who are are willing to help and give there 2 pence on their experience. This has been priceless and saved so much time.

Finding what the business is has been a real challenge and goes a lot deeper than selling t-shirts or cool patches. What is it ? That I’m trying to achieve by running this operation. I think the answer will come in time and will manifest itself within the structure of the business. As you can tell over the last few weeks I have put my love of forging knives into the business and for the first time opened up custom products to you guys. I think this has gone down well and I’m working with some really awesome customers in producing knives for their daily requirement. Although enjoyable it is unbelievably time consuming and has expensive overheads but I do believe it is worth it and there’s nothing like a hand forged custom knife specifically for the end user. These are the type of products you’ll buy once and you’ll have it for life or it may even spark of a collection.

I lost money and more importantly sleep trying to come up with the best ways to etch/engrave knives something that shouldn’t be that difficult but bloody hell, I don’t know if it was me being picky or OCD but it’s just proved impossible or ridiculously expensive. I mean I’ve had offers of £20,000 for a laser to put a few lines on a knife. Full disclosure when I get to that stage of financial state I’ll 100% be dropping £20,000 on a laser, the things you can do is just so worth it.

Oh and while I’m at it forges, I ain’t about that life of making my own, and it turns out there’s some crap out there for sale. I finally settled on the Devil Forge it only took about 6 hours of YouTube videos to convince me and it just seemed the most cost effective reliable way to get that steel hot. Defiantly worth checking them out if you are in the market for a small portable forge.

I’ve digressed enough back to the business, oh no wait the Barry mc quiggon first bloody social media. This impossible task of growing on that seems to be eating away more of my day than I would ever of wanted, and yet I’m fully aware nearly half of all my sales have come from social media. Sod’s law I guess. I’m still working on it and I’m pushing out content everyday when I can so if your reading this and aren’t following my Instagram get yourselves over there and jump in on the daily questions too.

I’ll finish this Uber short blog just by saying thank you to everyone who has supported me so far even Easter was a pain in the ass. I’ve got to get back to work and I’ll try and get you lot a new training dit up next week.

Goonigans HQ out

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