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No friends in business

What moron opens a business in a pandemic ?

Long hours and sitting around a empty house had my brain working overtime, for the first time in my professional career I had an opportunity to think and allow my mind to wonder. What I came up with was so out of character but absolutely refreshing for me. I could enjoy the military, kit and banter without actually freezing my tits off in some ass end of nowhere. How refreshing right.

What I took on completely threw me in terms of sheer effort and bloody nause of it all. I’ve touched on the ball ache that is social media and website designing, so I’ll leave those drips alone for now. This is an ongoing, I wouldn’t say issue but for sure a ball ache.

Feb 1st was the day I had in my head and that was the day my daily working routine tripled not only did I have a full time job I now had 2 more. Full time web designer and business owner and Jeesh has it occupied my time. I had 2 footed this bitch full on and to this day I’m still sliding. I have accomplished a healthy amount of products and design, found loyal business partners to ease burdens and challenged myself to learn new skills. This sort of brings me on to what I wanted to yap about. For some reason I have found a love of crafting tools for practical use. I’ve started with bushcraft knives which led me down a path of also creating Kydex sheaths another new experience for me. So with my head in the books and absorbing hours of YouTube content I felt good to go. Just needed to pile loads more money into tools, ah tools something I always overlooked as a nice to have, now very much essential.

After completing a few practice knives and reflecting on what I cocked up on, I was confident I had the recipe right and was ready for my first production model. Releasing the Goonigans Bushman was a great day for me and even better I had sold it almost instantly. Just the morale boost I had needed, and very much gave me the green light to make more. My ideas run wild and I have plenty of crazy wacky ideas I want to put to steel. So brace yourselves for a barrage of steel content for all jobs. Military, bushcraft, survival, dive knives even Tanto blades and art pieces, none are safe and I’ll have a go at them all.

Going completely of topic and the original question I asked at the start at this mini blog, what moron opens a business in a pandemic ? I guess the answer is someone who has only found time to try new things and dare to do something completely uncomfortable and so different to my normal routine. I’m so lucky that in or out of work I get paid regardless this is partly not luck because I bloody earnt that right but also yeah lucky me.

So just over a month of designing and selling and I’m still just as hungry as day 1. There’s plenty to do and loads of stress in bound but I’m ready and waiting for it.

Reading this back there is absolutely no structure to my writing but I don’t care it is what it is.

Next week I’ll return to carry on some training dit’s and maybe some more structure. Cant promise anything.


“There’s no friends in business” -Goonigans- 14th March 21

Just me, Bear Grylls and big Gaz Southgate (name drop).

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