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Here we go again !!

My first full week as an online only retailer is complete, it’s been slow tiresome and I’ve pretty much questioned what I’m doing the whole step of the way so far. I’ve had some orders nowhere near the amount I want but the biggest challenge is still (and I don’t see this changing), bloody social media. I have never actively looked for attention from anyone now I’ve designed a bloody business that’ll depend on it (classic).

I have invested in marketing through Instagram, Facebook, Wix and now Google Ads, I still don’t really understand what all that means but I’ll endeavour to do more research and update later on. This has been a pain in my ass and a hole in my wallet, hopefully this will change for the better.

Ive also spent hours on Procreate making designs and colour ways to promote and bring on new products, although I’m not a talented drawer or have an eye for flair and design ive done my bit and to be honest I don’t feel as if it’s been to bad. Dare I say it I’ve almost enjoyed this process.

A few issues of the top of my head have been, actually getting my products from manufacturers (bloody COVID), growing some degree of social media and the big ole problem selling stuffs to fund other stuffs, apart from that I’m smashing it. Next up for me is to bring more products and an even better quality for the same prices, cheap is just not an option. I plan to expand the womans operator range and I have some patched from the US of A inbound very excited to bring that to you.

So far this blog is just an overview of the week, hopefully its helpful or gives you an insight into the buggerance of starting even a small business. Here’s to the future and a busy week ahead.

Goonigans HQ -\-

Picture taken in the hills of Bardufouss in 2018, I was part of a small team conducting arctic reconnaissance high in the frozen hills of Norway, in order to facilitate training and operational currency’s for not just the Royal Marines Commandos, but our brothers and sisters from other arms of the UK Armed Forces.

I have plenty of other Norway phots and dit’s that I’m sure I’ll post about in the future.

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