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The Goonigans Blog 001

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

First of all I’d like to kick of my first ever blog by saying thank you to you guys and girls who are currently reading or may have even brought some products from us here at Goonigans UK. We are a small start up business working around our full time employment within the Royal Marines Commandos. These blogs are going to be designed to give everyone a cheeky insight into the world we live in. Some blogs will have a serious tone and others will just be for funsies, I’d also like to take on board ideas and questions and run with it in the blog. I am aiming for a weekly blog (world conflicts permitting) and making room for night time ops (Ovs).

So who am I? well in a short phrase I am your average person who just wears heavy kit and multicam and loves but hates everything about his job. As said I’m full time within her majesty’s finest fighting force and really wanted to bring my ideas and wants to the masses. Everything I want to produce is purely for the job I’m wanting to do as well as looking like an ally cat along the way. I have a dedicated family network who fully support everything I do and will be along for the ride on this newest challenge in our lives.

As far as inspirations in my life I look no further than the giants within my sector of work I’m always looking at David Goggins (ex navy seal and ultra endurance athlete absolute mad lad and author of the best audiobook in history), next up Jack Carr author of the terminal list and his newest edition savage son he has a fantastic Instagram full of great story’s. All the boys and girls at Thrudark are changing the way the world sees operators and this can only help those who play in the dark. Defiantly check them out there’s so many more individuals that I will cover throughout coming blogs in the future.

I think that ends this blog / slightly more detailed look at who we are. Once again thank you all for your time and patience and please come along for the journey and support us and each other.


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