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It ain’t that easy!!

You’ve all seen it those adverts on youtube on the telly box all over your social media that all claim to be the easiest way to start a online business and be a billionaire let me tell you now it’s bullshit. Of course I looked at all these avenues and all of them had caveats or didn’t fit the brand I wanted to build or just didn’t bloody work. So I set about from scratch building a brand from the ground up not the smartest, cost effective nor the most sensible way to do things but it’s good fun, challenging and rewarding.

Being a sneeky beakey operator my social media presence even to this day is non exsistant im in the process of building this portfolio as this seems to be the way business is done in 2021 (who knew). I’d say that his been the most challenging side for me I don’t promote anything in my day to day running and in fact tend to do the opposite if I can get through my day without being detected that’s normally a successful mission. I’ve had to do a full 180 turn in border to be cool like the rest of these social media wizards. It’s on going but I’ll get there im sure.

Bloody clothing brands and products is another pain in my ass, it has been unbelievably difficult to find suppliers that 1 aren’t just trying to make you buy bulk orders of crap or 2 there products are just crap. I’ve spent hours scouring around online conducting recces on all sorts of company’s in order to bring my customers exactly what I would expect to buy myself and what fits the high quality durable nature of my brand. In the future I would very much like to be in the design and build process of my own clothing so I can bring even better more tailored clothing to my friends and customers. This is a future problem and one that will take much more investment than what I can currently put in. (Dam poor military pay). On a positive note I have found exactly what I want and we are moving with it so all in all happy days.

Moving on it probably doesn’t surprise you that being in the marines has meant I have travelled all over the world whether it be a complete dump or a 5 star hotel in Dubai to smashing it up in Vegas, there has always been 1 thing in common, I have bared witness to the devastation of human waste all over the world and it pains me to say that me and my oppos have contributed a great deal to that be it for good or just slack drills. To that end all of our Goonigans products are packaged in a sustainable packaging and we are actively trying to minimise our waste this will improve in time and again with financials.

Its not all doom and gloom tho I am 6 days out from my website going live or if your Marty Mcfly your probably reading the blog of a billionaire and until the next one.

Goonigans HQ out.

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